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Welcome to a world where putting your customer at the center of every action grows your business.


OSG delivers growth to Fortune 500 clients through its superior behavioral and cognitive analytics, helping uncover what matters to customers and driving behavioral change. We help understand “how” and “why” your customers make decisions along their journey while doing the jobs they have to accomplish. Our focus on the 3E’s (Behavioral Expectations, Superior Experiences, Guaranteed Engagement) helps you drive growth through customer centricity.


How are we different?

OSG’s end-to-end analytics capabilities help you drive innovation and growth. OSG leverages ASEMAP™, our Stanford University developed proprietary behavioral analytics engine, to accurately assess what would change customer behavior and helps design experiences by understanding customer expectations, ultimately leading to superior engagement.

CAVII™ Enabled Real-Time Analytics

OSG’s CAVII™ product is a SaaS tool that is a self-learning technology platform, and combines traditional & behavioral analytics to create a single unified 360-degree customer view that is actionable. This provides our customers the ability to integrate “real-time” multiple data sources (for example, service, sales, support, etc.) to obtain deep customer insights, build the best predictive intelligence, and develop new interventions to engage customers by addressing their expectations and delivering the best experiences.

Our products and services have delivered top line growth between 7% and 20% for existing products and services and bottom line growth of 700 to 1200 basis points for our Fortune 500 clients across life sciences and healthcare, retail, financial services, consumer goods, and energy verticals. We have also delivered a successful pipeline of new innovations for our clients, helping them achieve higher a success rate with new product introductions and faster time to profitability.

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OSG has been recognized as an analytics thought leader in leading publications across the globe.

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