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A Differentiated and Powerful Approach to Decoding Customer Choice

The foundation for customer-centricity is to develop a deep understanding of “how and why” customers make choices, which is critical to finding effective ways to differentiate and deliver value in crowded markets. ASEMAP™ helps understand the drivers of customers’ choices through the entire customer journey.

ASEMAP™ trade-offs determine the true magnitude of importance in a choice decision by:

  • Including all relevant choice drivers – product characteristics as well as functional and emotional benefits
  • Accurately identifying benefits, and strengthening of commitment that truly drives choice for each customer
  • Including specific thresholds or triggers of a benefit or attribute that provide for the highest accuracy in predicting choice and hence sales
  • Modelling each respondent in real time

ASEMAP™ is more accurate in individual level predictive validity and has shown 35% – 52% improvement over other statistical methods used to understand consumer choice.

Source: ODED NETZER and V. SRINIVASAN – Extract from the Journal of Marketing Research Vol. XLVIII (February 2011), 140 – 156

“In my years of reviewing analytical methods, I thought I had used every approach. I have never seen an approach that shows such intuitive, impactful, and clear insightsthat are compelling differences between groups, providing for a high degree of predictive accuracy”

VP, Consumer Insights, Major Broadcast Network