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About OSG

Welcome to a world where putting your customer at the center of every action grows your business.



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(Cognitive Analytics, Value Inference and Intelligence)

CAVII™(also known as Cognitive Analytics, Value Inference and Intelligence) is a behavioral analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence based big-data analytics platform engineered by OSG. The product proactively manages business outcomes by integrating the 4 Is – Data Infrastructure, Insights from providing real time visualization of data, Intelligence from predicting behavioral change for each customer or groups and Interventions that can be personalized providing recommendations for how to achieve the necessary outcomes.


CAVII™ for Retail

As customer attention spans get shorter, understanding behavioural triggers becomes the most important component in driving customer experience. Retailers are struggling with winning their customers’ mind share, and with the gap between online and offline channels reducing day by day, customer loyalty and trust are becoming increasingly important. 80% retailers across the globe acknowledge that delivering stellar customer experience is the ONLY sure shot strategy for growth.

CAVII™ is the world’s first behavioural analytics SaaS platform powered by OSG’s own ASEMAP™ and IBM Watson™. It incorporates primary and secondary data such as your POS, CRM, Social Media etc. and delivers insights that lead to a wow experience for your customers, leading to profitable growth for your business.

CAVII™ benefits your business
CAVII™ for Life Sciences

Patient Engagement presents a great challenge in many in clinical trials, with less than 3% of the population in highly educated countries like the USA participating in clinical studies. This number is much worse worldwide. Less than 10% of clinical trials finish on time, leading to colossal drains on resources and time. To manage the “patient engagement” challenge, one must measure it, track it and manage it, proactively. OSG knows the science behind measuring patient engagement.

CAVII-H™, our proprietary big data analytics platform, can revolutionize patient engagement through deep behavioral science, making patient outreach cost-effective, efficient, and ultimately more insightful for patients and clinicians.

The CAVII-H™ advantage:
  • Integration to EMR systems like Epic, Cerner, AllScripts – Over 15,000 hospitals/Pharmacies and over 180 million patient records
  • FitBit™, wearables and other blue-tooth/wifi device integration
  • Built-In ASEMAP™ Behavioral Profile
  • IBM Personality Insights integrated to Facebook
  • Voice-to-text and Tone analytics
  • Strong patient-centric privacy and consent management
  • Built in gamification/points systems and rewards redemption
  • Geo-activated affiliate location-tracking and promotion activation capabilities

CAVII™ Patient Engagement Clinical

CAVII™ Behavioral Engagement

CAVII™ for Financial Services

CAVII-F™ is a transformational digital solution for ourclients in the financial services sector. By leveraging behavioral and cognitive analytics, OSG’s CAVII-F™ platform can help Insurance and Financial Services clients develop deep insights into customer and policy holder behavior and engage them in new and unique ways, integrating customer experience with risk management.

  • Ability to automate data aggregation, modeling and analytics from primary survey data, historical data as well as unstructured sources such as email, mobile text interactions, online transactions, social media and CRM
  • Drive advanced customer segmentation with multi-dimensional customer profiles, as well as information on prospects to enable risk scoring and long-term value assessment prior to new business on-boarding
  • CAVII-F™’s capabilities in deep predictive and behavioral analytics, real-time monitoring, and community building helps secure the right level of customer risk management, acquisition and retention analytics for Insurance and Financial Services Clients

CAVII-F™ Analytics Platform for Financial Services