PxidaCX™ utilizes OSG’s advanced analytics technology to provide small businesses with actionable insight that shows what consumers currently think of product offerings, including point of difference benchmarking with other brands.


PxidaCX™ users the cutting edge technology of OSG Dynamoand it’s analytics services  to understand consumers needs in an easy to use software tool designed for use by smaller B2C organizations.

PxidaCX™ delivers the best possible customer insight enabling you as a small business to become more customer-centric and make the best possible strategic decisions to grow your business.



  • CX & Sentiment Scoring (Text Analytics)
  • Benchmark against competitor performance
  • Attribute performance across categories HappyIndecisiveUnhappy )

Smart PxidaCX

How does PxidaCX know what to ask?

PxidaCX will ask the right questions based on your specific type of business, industry or sector measuring those things we know are really important to your customers. Our surveys are intuitive for customers to complete, designed to work perfectly on smart phones, tablets or computers and are the correct length to optimize both response rate and gather detailed understanding.

PxidaCX surveys can be deployed by email, on your website, by mobile text, or at your Point Of Sale.