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We help organizations grow by putting their customers at the center of everything they do

Customer Experience & Engagement


Delivering Growth through Customer Lifetime Value

  • By predicting the length of time a customer will buy from a client (Customer Lifetime Value), OSG-VALUE segments customers and designs the right behavioral nudges to engage with every customer
  • OSG-VALUE can be used to drive customer centricity by making the right choices for each customer depending on their value to the company. Such selective investments in high value customers shape a more personalized execution of products and services that are most relevant to them
  • OSG-VALUE uses powerful behavioral variables that help drive CLV. This allows our clients to increase their profitability by investing less on customers who are not profitable and more on those likely to yield the best business performance


Designing Loyalty Programs and Retention Strategies using Behavioral Analytics

  • Companies lose 25-30% of their customers each year to competitors. Improving retention is the key to growth for all businesses
  • OSG-ENGAGE, powered by CAVII™, our big data analytics platform, and ASEMAP™, our proprietary behavioral analytics platform, gets to the root of understanding what behavioral triggers can help customers stay motivated and engaged with your products and services
  • By measuring customer expectations and designing tailored experiences, OSG-ENGAGE ensures that customers stay engaged, dropping churn and increasing retention
  • With OSG's powerful behavioural analytics, you can design loyalty programs that guarantee engaged customers, and hence increased revenue


Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Analytics for Faster Revenue Growth

  • Your journey of customer engagement begins by allowing your customers to be the source of your data and empowerment
  • Designing and delivering great customer engagement requires five steps:
    1. Mapping your customers' journey and understanding every job that they do at each touch point when making purchase/engagement decisions
    2. Understanding customer expectations using OSG-ASCEND's behavioral analytics platform
    3. Creating an integrated view of all customer expectations using OSG's CAVII™, our big data analytics platform
    4. Using powerful analytics, designing and executing through digital solutions a continuous customer experience, including cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and monitoring and analyzing customer engagement
    5. Allowing digital transformation to drive a change management exercise for alignment between customer expectations and talent empowerment
  • Only OSG-ASCEND can deliver such powerful cognitive and behavioral analytics that will help design a WOW Customer Experience