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We help organizations grow by putting their customers at the center of everything they do



Using Behavioral and Cognitive Analytics to Develop Actionable Segmentation

  • Creating customer segmentation and identifying efficient go to market strategies has been extremely hard for marketers
  • OSG-SEGMENT uses a combination of immersive techniques and quantitative gaming methodologies through ASEMAP™, our proprietary behavioral analytics platform, for primary data collection and develops a robust segmentation for our clients
  • OSG-SEGMENT gets to the root of understanding what is of value (emotionally and functionally) to different segments and provides guidance for creating differentiation in crowded markets
  • OSG's future trending segmentation techniques are robust, and create an easy understanding of brand positioning, new product identification, portfolio management across segments, pricing and promotion strategies, and create brand equity


Using Behavioral Analytics to Guide Innovations

  • Starting with customer journey mapping, OSG-INNOVATE identifies jobs and outcomes that customers face along the journey
  • Our powerful behavioral analytics platform ASEMAP™ collects primary data and allows for a future understanding of the needs that would address emerging customer jobs
  • Gaps between what consumers do today and new products allow us to change behaviors and address future jobs
  • A 360-degree view on customers powered by OSG's CAVII™ on a continuous basis allows for identification of new jobs and creation of a continuous stream of innovations


Optimizing Messages to Obtain the Highest Customer Responses

  • In a market where attention span is limited, OSG-COMMUNICATE is a behavioral analytics platform that helps identify messages and a story line that resonates the most with your customers
  • OSG-COMMUNICATE is the only methodology that can help capture whether the messages chosen (from among more than 50 messages) will help change behaviors, are unique and resonating, and will reach the largest audience


Understanding Brand Equity and its Importance

  • As the process of purchase or engagement with a brand becomes a more connected experience, with a plethora of digital and in-store options available to customers, the importance of analytics for marketers to understand the value of their brand increases
  • Brand equity is the incremental market share delivered from all activities that help the brand engage with its customers
  • OSG-EQUITYMAP's behavioral and cognitive analytics help understand how our clients can counter new business models because of the value they deliver


Pricing Strategies for Easy Adoption and Repeat Purchases

  • One of the most significant decisions when launching a new product is the price point to take to the market. Pricing too high creates barriers in adoption, and pricing too low implies forgoing revenues and taking a hit on the product's market value
  • OSG-PRICE helps clients in understanding the customers’ propensity to pay, and using powerful behavioral analytics, identify the exact price points that work like magic for businesses
  • By understanding the "how" and "why" behind your customers' decision making process, OSG-PRICE can predict with accuracy the most efficient pricing strategy that will not only speed up adoption of a newly launched product, but also drive repeat purchases