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We help organizations grow by putting their customers at the center of everything they do



Risk and Fraud Analysis to Reduce Cost

  • OSG-RISK can model your risk, size of claim, and churn. Our powerful behavioral and cognitive analytics deliver superior engagement, lower risk, lower claim and higher engagement
  • By finding sources of fraud and detecting noise to signal ratio, we lower the costs for our clients by delivering superior outcomes


Behavioral Analytics for Pricing and Margin Analysis

  • OSG-MARGIN's behavioral and cognitive analytics help our clients in identifying loopholes in pricing that, if addressed, could lead to substantial gains in revenue
  • Customers value product benefits, service and support differently. Understanding what behavioral value customers place by analyzing the data, allows us to understand if we can differentially alter pricing and margin structures commensurate with the value that a customer receives
  • Once an analysis of revenue, product mix and margins is completed, OSG-MARGIN conducts behavior based rapid experimentation to provide guidance on how to price differentially and increase margins


Salesforce Design and Management to Drive Efficiency

  • OSG-SALESFORCE helps with optimization of the sales process and resource utilization for efficient Go-To-Market strategies
  • OSG's predictive analytics identify and match best/ideal sales resources against high value clients, transform global go-to-market approaches, and create highly efficient client engagement and servicing models


Demand Forecasting using Behavioral Analytics

  • Using a combination of forward looking engagement metrics and historical data, OSG-FORECAST offers one of the most powerful demand forecasting methodologies
  • Our behavioral analytics engine CAVII™ can model historical, transactional and sales data with forward leaning behavioral measures. Using techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, we arrive at accurate forecasts for products in localized markets or geographies


Powerful Analytics to Optimize your Marketing Spend and Channel Mix

  • Traditional marketing mix models are weak at incorporating attribute based consumer response to marketing spend and brand choice
  • OSG-OPTIMIZE, powered by our big data analytics platform CAVII™ can optimize your marketing spend by brand, region and consumer segment
  • Optimize spends across both traditional and digital media, confirm and optimize various elements of the marketing mix including the length, scheduling, channel/medium, and other parameters using OSG's powerful predictive analytics
  • Track your consumers' journey and how they respond to your marketing activities from online shopping channels as well as brick and mortar channels, understand price promotional sensitivities and plan high response in-store and online promotion strategies