Consumer goods organizations are often pioneers when it comes to improving shopper experiences. As an industry, they realize how important customer feedback is to boost product sales and company revenues. However, many of them struggle to move towards true customer-centricity because their strategies tend to be product-focused when they should be customer-focused instead.


By understanding shoppers’ evolving needs and deciphering their behavior, you can achieve significant growth over competition. OSG’s products powered by our powerful behavioral and cognitive analytics platform can help you decode changing customer journeys.

Our 360° understanding of customer behavior can provide actionable insights to help you innovate, grow and sustain long-term development, while keeping your customers happy.

OSG’s behavioral analytics solution delivered a 12% growth to a brand that was losing volume in a rapidly declining category and identified 50 new products for a single category for a leading consumer goods manufacturer.


Problems we solve

Guiding innovations:

To grow in revenue and reputation, constant innovation is necessary to edge out competition. OSG employs its behavioral analytics platform to address customers’ future needs by understanding their customer journeys. By decoding these unmet needs, you can identify gaps in innovation and help bridge them on a continuous basis.

Developing actionable segmentation: 

Most marketers rely on demographics and attitudes to create customer segments, which don’t do a great job at understanding your customers’ choice patterns. OSG’s segmentation is powered by our behavioral analytics engine and is most robust. By providing you with a holistic view of customer behavior, it helps you create differentiation in crowded markets.

Optimizing marketing spend:

Traditional marketing mix models are weak at incorporating individual customer responses to marketing spend and brand choice. OSG enables you to optimize your spend by brand, region and even consumer segment. With our powerful predictive analytics, you can derive the highest returns on investment across traditional and digital media, various marketing mix elements and other parameters.