OSG works with nine of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and has delivered results which impact bottom line performance and business success. Our solutions are used by providers of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and payers and providers to place your customer or patient at the center of your business decisions.


Improving Engagement and Retention on Clinical Trials – PatientX 360

OSG’s PatientX 360™ can be utilized by Pharmaceutical companies or Contract Research Organizations for clinical trials, Real World Evidence/adherence studies post new drug launches and Patient Registry or Phase IV Life Cycle Management. PatientX uses our cutting-edge analytics to provide enhanced patient recruitment, engagement and retention. It empowers you with quicker and actionable results through customizable dashboards.


Health Insurance payers can employ PatientX to track patients’ health and progress and design behavioral nudges that improve their clinical outcomes and ensure a full continuum of care. For medical devices manufacturers PatientX provides the ability to integrate device data for studies when patients are in acute and post-acute settings.

Life changing solutions

Guiding Pharma Innovations

OSG provides a detailed understanding on how innovations will be valued by patients, physicians, payers, and other stakeholders.

Using our powerful behavioral analytics, we design a value differentiated Target Product Profile (TPP) and develop forecast models with a robust shelf-life and the ability to simulate changing market conditions.

Developing Optimum Pricing Strategies

By fully understanding the “how” and “why” behind your customers decision making process, OSG can predict with accuracy the most efficient pricing strategy that will not only speed up adoption of a newly launched product, but also drive repeat purchases.


Improving Messaging to Increase Physician and Patient Responses

OSG can test more than fifty messages and identify those that will change behaviors and best resonate with your target audience. Optimal sales messages can be tested and digital targeting tools developed that provide your reps a guaranteed way to best engage with your customers or physicians.

Segmentation to inform New Pharmaceutical Product Launches

OSG’s behavioral analytics based segmentation drives growth because of its emphasis on customer needs and addressing jobs and outcomes they are looking for from new products.

This enables sales teams to have dialogues with physicians that generate more immediate sales.

Improving Customer Experience

OSG’s powerful behavioural analytics technology can integrate patient and physician data to design and build game changing customer experiences that differentiate pharmaceutical manufacturers.



Improving Health and Reducing Costs for Payers

We can model risk, size of claim and churn utilising our powerful behavioral and cognitive analytics platform to deliver superior engagement, uncover sources of fraud, lower risk, lower claim, and a higher engagement among insured patients.