For a US based automotive service provider we provided insight that led to $100m increase in revenue. Those 270 stores for the pilot group adopting our RetailX 360 solution year on year increased their revenue by 2.5% whilst those remaining stores not on our pilot saw a decrease in revenue of 2.8%.


year on year increase in revenue

Increase revenue in $ millions

Following a detailed information audit with our client we identified three core objectives. Our client wanted to identify the key drivers of their customer experience. They wanted to quantify the importance these drivers and assess how they impact retention and loyalty (and therefore revenue). They wanted us to design and implement a tracking system of live customer data to improve retention.

Utilizing our ASEMAP™ trade-off analysis tool with over 12,000 customer surveys at 270 stores we identified and quantified those drivers which impacted retention and segmented the client’s customer base for them to fully understand the different customer segments and things that mattered to those segments. Where gaps existed this enabled strategic action for client to improve service to those critical segments in the right way with things that mattered to those customers.

Utilizing RetailX 360we integrated multiple live data feeds for our client including survey data, transaction data, training data, mystery shop data and many other sources to provide live dashboard views of the data a multiple levels within the organization down to individual store manager level and worked closely with our client to develop meaningful metrics to evaluate store performance according to its market potential.


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