Working with our client a U.S. based Health Insurer we helped their members get healthier by giving them the tools, knowledge, access & incentives to improve their health based on effective behavioral wellness solutions. Member engagement in their own health care management activity increased by more than 13%.



health care management activity increase

Using OGS’ Big Data Analytics Platform – OSG Dynamo we were able to undertake analysis on various member big data sources to uncover unique insights on how members responded to various incentives. We provided dynamic risk assessment and more accurate risk pricing for our client as well as product development guidance. We were then able to improve targeted engagement & intervention strategies matching up patients appropriately with ‘nudges’ and interventions that mattered to them. Lapse rate decreased by 2% due to increased member engagement and satisfaction and utilizing our advanced needs assessment of customer segments increased up-sell activities by 5%.

Our technology continues to evolve and we now offer PatientX 360 to Health Insurers as well as Life Science organizations and other health care providers the ability to monitor patients’ behavior, segment them appropriately and then engage them individually. This enables the most appropriate nudges and interventions for each patient / customer for better engagement in managing their wellbeing and better health outcomes.

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